April 22, 2022

Designs for life, not for landfill

By Claire McNeil
Designs for life, not for landfill

As it is Earth Day just we though it a perfect time to let you know the steps we have taken to reduce our environmental impact and our ideas for the future to continue to offer a sustainable and ethical alternative to fast fashion.


Made to Order In our fast-paced world we have become accustomed to instant gratification in everything from entertainment streaming services to same day/next day delivery on our favourite fashion items.

We would like to slow things down, just a little. Our products are made to order – we like the idea of manufacturing with purpose that we only make products that our clients order.


Local suppliers To reduce shipping costs and carbon emissions we work closely with UK based suppliers and will endeavour to find local and ethical suppliers in other locations as we expand our brand globally.

Where possible we ship direct from suppliers to reduce transport. When we ship from our office we use compostable postage bags and plastic free packaging.


Sustainable Products – Sustainable Production Our suppliers use very little water in their manufacturing process and work closely with the relevant bodies to ensure ink waste is disposed of properly.

Through our suppliers we have been able to expand our range to include vegan, biodegradable, organic and FSC materials. They also reduce waste by offering material offcuts to crafters and students that repurpose them into amazing products.

Future planning

Tree Nation
We have just signed up to Tree Nation to create our Ancient Grudge Forest, we pledge to plant a tree with every order received in addition to the monthly trees planted to help offset our operations carbon footprint.

We understand that even with purposeful and considerate purchasing our products may reach the end of their use for some customers. We actively engage with partners to help us extend the lifespan of every product beyond the initial need: our mission is to keep Ancient Grudge clothing and accessories out of landfill. We are in discussions with potential upcycling partners with a view to offering a means to return garments to be upcycled rather than disposing of them.
We will continue to look at ways to reduce our impact on the planet both personally and professionally.