About us

Ancient Grudge is a luxury fashion brand specialising in silk scarves, clothing, and accessories which are designed in Scotland, Ancient Grudge products are made-to-order, printed, and hand-finished in the UK, eliminating the potential for waste and the adverse environmental impact caused by stockholding or warehousing processes favoured by other brands. 

Owned by Scottish designer and photographer, Claire McNeil, Ancient Grudge creates bold and vibrant prints; the foundation of every design starts with either photograph or hand-drawn illustrations that, using layering, colouring, and blending techniques, results in timeless beautiful apparel and accessories, with every design flowing from our passion for art, architecture, and the world around us. 

Our core value at Ancient Grudge is for production to be local and ethical, and we work closely with carefully chosen production partners that share our values.

We believe the fashion industry is at a critical turning point, with mounting pressures in society to abandon wasteful processes; as such, we only produce a small run of each design with almost all our products being made-to-order and sold exclusively at ancientgrudge.com

Beyond this, we actively engage with partners to help us extend the lifespan of every product beyond the initial need: our mission is to keep Ancient Grudge clothing and accessories out of landfill. 

Ancient Grudge, an independent brand offering you a stylish, sustainable, and ethical alternative to fast fashion.