Blackfriars Bridge Silk Scarf

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We sometimes forget about the beauty in our own towns and cities, when we lived in London I’d often head out for the day with the camera and get off the tube at a random stop and just be a tourist for the day. On one such outing I opted to take photographs the way my kids did by looking at things from a different angle, at the time they would have been about 3ft tall. The source image for this scarf was taken under Blackfriars Bridge, the bridge itself is a work of art on the top side but from underneath there is a comforting sense of symmetry in the beams.   

  • 100% Silk Twill or Silk/Tencel Blend (32% silk 68% Tencel)
  • 100cm
  • Hand rolled hems
  • Printed and hand finished in the UK
  • Gift Boxed

Tencel is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics available. Regenerated from sustainably grown wood cellulose. A good drape with a lustrous feel, emphasised with the silk content.

Dry clean only