Midnight at the Louvre Silk Scarf

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The large glass and metal pyramid at the entrance of the Louvre Museum in Paris is the subject of this bandana. Taken from inside the museum looking up through the glass pyramid on a slightly cloudy day. 

The pyramid has always been surrounded with controversy, those that felt the futuristic look was not in keeping with the classical architecture of the museum itself. In my opinion, the proximity of the glass and steel entrance pyramid to the classical stone architecture of the Louvre itself shows that the past and present, in many ways, influence each other: design is built upon experience, and our attitudes to history are coloured – and perpetually shifting – by our everyday lives in the moment. 

  • 100% Silk Satin or Silk/Tencel Blend (32% silk 68% Tencel) 
  • 100cm
  • Hand rolled hems
  • Printed and hand finished in the UK
  • Gift Boxed

Tencel is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics available. Regenerated from sustainably grown wood cellulose. A good drape with a lustrous feel, emphasised with the silk content.

Dry clean only